nehalennia-medName: Nehallenia, Nehellenia, or Nehalenni

Gender: Female

Type of being: Goddess, Vanir by her reactions to my questioning.

Age appears as most the time:

Appearance: She was able to manifest slightly, but remained partially water-like. Her skin and hair not changing from water, but her features most beautiful. She had wide bright eyes like a young girl. Her figure was perfect and lean, but you could tell this goddess wasn’t afraid to do hard work if she had to.

Seen wearing (1): Around her neck hung a small carving of a hound’s face. It wasn’t very elaborate or made of anything valuable, but it was beautiful in its simplicity. I would like to think it was an offering of one of her devotees from long long ago. Her dress, it was barely there. She seemed to favor the older style of topless with a small simple skirt tied about her waist. Fishing net was draped over her shoulders like a shawl, barely covering her perfect breasts.

Seen wearing (2): She was naked except for a very light and sheer fabric tied at her waist. Strands of pearls decorate her ankles and wrists as if they were precious stones.

Personality: She acted soothing, but I could sense a wildness in her, that same mischief that Freyja, Freyr, and Njord will happily display at their whims.

Words of wisdom given: “A pearl even starts out as a grain of sand. It’s a little irritant, a nuisance, something that is easily discarded and dismissed. But when it’s kept close, accepted in it’s annoyance, nurtured, bonded with other substance, it becomes a thing of beauty and a small treasure. Such is how an idea is born, something small and insignificant is handled and coped with until it too becomes a gem.”

“Never judge the ocean by the surface. You never know what lies beneath the waves.”

Stories about:



Magick: I would count water magick as one of her traits as she appeared as a waterlike creature.



Pets/animals: A large wolfhound is said to be her companion, though I have yet to see it.

Colors: Bluish green, that color of the most beautiful of seas.


Ways they travel:

About: I offered her this hail “Hail Nehallennia! Beautiful goddess of the hounds, trade, and sea! Lost lady of the Vanir! I Amarina, servant of the Vanir Lady of Love welcome you!”