As time has been progressing, I’ve learned more about my higher self. Not only was I what would be called a Valkyrie, but I was also a seidhkona. Growing up all the abilities and gifts I had seemed odd, but they were comfortable and I felt at home with them. So now, I find it’s time to start talking to myself, for lack of a better phrase, and come back to what I am and how I can use what I know in more practical means and methods. Seeing that I’ve been a bit of a pack rat in this life, it was suggested that I start to purge the old items that I no longer need and cleanse not only the things I keep, but also those I dispose of. The energies can stick like glue and when not properly dispersed or cleansed, they can continue to be bothersome at a minimum and hazardous at the far end of the scale. Things such as divorce can put a negative energy on the wedding band worn and even the wedding gown from the ceremony. Depression can leave a lasting impact on things you relied on for security blankets. So purifying these energies is crucial before that is passed on to another inadvertently. I’ve been urged to share the knowledge that my higher self reminded me of and brought back to my memory as it is a useful tool. I offer this disclaimer: what I’m about to share is the practices of a seidhkona from a very long time ago, but I can’t provide direct links and validation as much of the Seidh practices have been lost. The practices that follow were recounted to me by my higher self and brought back to my active memory through trance work. Many aspects will be familiar as they are used in modern practices elsewhere.

The first thing that one should consider is if the item is something that they want to retain and use again or simply keep for display. If it’s not, then the easiest way to cleanse the negative energy is through flame. The fire burns away all the negative letting the energies released be pure and free of the item. However, as this is destructive to the item potentially, there are other methods if the item is of value and you wish to keep it. If it is something you want to keep, a very simple method is using salted water, either cold or heated, and pouring it over in an act of cleansing. While the water moves over the item or items, you should offer the energies back to Nerthus with high reverence of who and what she is. Let her know that you are sending it purified with the salt of the land and the water of the sea, like the joining that created the bright twins. While she is a fearsome and harsh deity, she does love her children and takes great joy in their honoring and existence. She’s not a particularly stable deity to offer to, so offer to her with care and choose another method if you don’t think you can properly honor her. You could also use ritual fire that you pass the item over or through if the item can’t be burned. The number of passes should be three times from East to West (As the sun rises and falls.) while asking that Freyja cleanse with the greatest of fires that burns bright at all times, she who walked thrice through the fires to rise again anew and clean. Freyja herself is a witch, the highest of all witches and her ability to cleanse with fire is extremely powerful. If you don’t believe that it was Freyja or an incarnation of her that was burned in the fires, then I would suggest one of the other methods. Yet another means to cleanse is using a combination of fire and smokes that you feel comfortable with, like the use of sage for smudging. If the item can’t be passed through the flames; then light the flame, pronounce it Gullveig’s fires, light the herb meant for burning, and then say that the smoke is the flame passing over the items and cleansing them as it covers the items.

Water and fire tend to be the most logical to my higher self to use in the modern world since both are readily available. However, some of the more ancient ones won’t work in this era. A very effective, but very unacceptable practice in modern times are ones related to using the blood of a sacrificial animal to cleanse. In sacrificing an animal to the right deity, the animal itself becomes slightly more revered, therefore the blood of the animal would also hold powers of purification. This method was one that was practiced to great success in the era that it was acceptable. I would strongly discourage this method and note that it is simply for reference as a past means of ritual purification. Not only is it impractical to use in this time, it’s also highly controversial and considered to be very inhumane. Although I’m aware that my higher self had used this practice in rituals during the time I’ve been shown, I will not use that practice myself as it is not something suited for the times. Being that I am a servant to Freyja, everything that my higher self knows is to honor a Vanir goddess that has been known to go through a purification and rebirth. If you follow another path, any goddess well known for her process of purification and rebirth would be suitable to honor, so long as you adjust any words spoken (For example the passage about Gullveig’s fire or being burnt three times.) so that it accurately reflects the goddess that is referred to. After the items are purified of the negative energies, it would be safe to dispose of, give away, or continue to use.

As I’m retaught some of these rites I’ll share them here. As with any magick, please use caution when attempting them. It’s always best to cast some circle of protection whether a rune ring, disir ring, hammer hallowing, or any other protective measure you might use. Don’t forget to thank whatever deity you offer back the energies to after they’ve been purified or dispersed. Also, be sure to ground after finishing. Even though it’s a purifying ritual, you do have to use a higher energy yourself. Those energies aren’t needed afterward and best to be returned to the earth.

For some very good grounding advice as well as an example of casting the rune ring, any of the rituals on Volmarr’s Liberal Heathenism contain both. He also provides a Lesser Hallowing Ritual of the Hammer that could prove beneficial as well as a guide on pronouncing the runes as that can be something not everyone knows as well.