I ended up in a nice deep sleep with a lack of recall of events for the night. However, I woke with many ponderings and musings on my mind. I keep thinking to the way that things have been lost about the Vanir while the Aesir have held fast. I’m starting to believe that the Vanir were there before the Aesir, quietly existing alongside humans. There seems also to be a major male and female aspect, so it would stand to reason that for every god, there was a goddess charged with the same elements. In time, those names and duties have been lost, most likely because people were assuming them to be the same deity in a different form or aspect. Take the goddess Nehallenia who has recently reached out to me. Her charge is nearly the same as the younger god Njord. Sailors were typically male, therefore a female deity would’ve seemed not so likely and the god would take priority and the goddess fade. Likewise, the earth mother Nerthus has remained but I believe that there was a god that also was charged with the less hospitable aspects of the earth. We see the male and female duality surviving in the twins Freyr and Freyja. With the Vanir strength in the earth and fertility, I thoroughly believe that as more deities are found, this will be a very common thing in the pantheon. Connections may not be as evident, but it will be there to see for those that are willing and open to see it.

I do wish to ask any that may be reading my blog to offer blots and hails to Nehallenia. Her strength has become weak over the centuries of neglect of worship. Even those of us not tied directly to the sea or trade can benefit from her love and compassion. She’s a tie to the realm of beasts as seen in her wolfhound that she has been seen with so often. She’s an agent of safe passage, so easily invokable even for your morning and evening commutes. If you’re a dog lover, offer her praise and thanks for your canine companions. Maybe if she regains her standing, others will venture out and hope to be seen once more.

My rune this day was Mannaz.