Such an odd moment to look at a tealight that was lit in offering and devotion and see it burning brighter than it should and flickering wildly. That was how my night of rest was to start. I knew it wasn’t Freyja, I know her energy now. So I asked if it was a goddess I had tried to invoke earlier, an ancient goddess that few remember. My answer was an aura. It was sea blue, that sort of cloudy blue green that is so incredibly beautiful but so difficult to describe. I asked the presence to come forth more if they were here in frith and meant no harm, the light approached and warmed me more. I asked again, this time naming if it was Nehalennia. The aura light got joyful and bouncing while the candle moved more wildly. I never had another deity affect the candle of offering to Freyja, so I hailed Nehalennia differently. I offered her this hail “Hail Nehallennia! Beautiful goddess of the hounds, trade, and sea! Lost lady of the Vanir! I Amarina, servant of the Vanir Lady of Love welcome you!” The candle calmed and the presence felt at peace. I spoke, but as before the goddess couldn’t communicate well still. She answered in gentle motions. She was happy and pleased her name was spoken fully in invocation and she was fully identified. From her reactions, she is of direct relation to Njord, therefore I serve possibly one of her great-grandchildren, or a great-niece. This is a maternal blood relative to them and that was how she was able to affect the offering. She acted soothing, but I could sense a wildness in her, that same mischief that Freyja, Freyr, and Njord will happily display at their whims. She was able to manifest slightly, but remained partially water-like. Her skin and hair not changing from water, but her features most beautiful. She had wide bright eyes like a young girl. Her figure was perfect and lean, but you could tell this goddess wasn’t afraid to do hard work if she had to. Around her neck hung a small carving of a hound’s face. It wasn’t very elaborate or made of anything valuable, but it was beautiful in its simplicity. I would like to think it was an offering of one of her devotees from long long ago. Her dress, it was barely there. She seemed to favor the older style of topless with a small simple skirt tied about her waist. Fishing net was draped over her shoulders like a shawl, barely covering her perfect breasts. She sat some time with me, no talking, just sitting. She wasn’t nearly as frustrated as her first visit. Her name was spoken and she can begin to try coming through more now. The soothing sounds of waves brushing the shores lulled me into a deeper state and proved to give a different “odd vision” as I’ve begun to call them.


My “weird visions” include taking things that are very real and very normal and tying them to the Nine Worlds or some spiritual lesson in most bizarre ways. This is one such vision. I awoke in a house. I wasn’t familiar with it, but I did know an inhabitant as a sister of a very good friend’s former lover. She smiled brightly as always and offered to show me her home. I accepted and we promptly went to the basement. There the furnace roared, but it was pleasant, not highly decorated or finished, but not dank like a basement should be. A group of men sat playing cards happily while a woman with a slightly cold demeanor sat nearby watching. We started back up the stairs and a bit of a weird pounding and tapping was heard. I went to look under the stairs and my hostess laughed saying it was the dwarves hard at work. I looked at her odd then nodded following. We came to the kitchen where she had a very large wood oven on one half of the room and a walk in refrigerator on the other. She said it was here that most of the chaos happened in her house. She proceeded on as if nothing were out of the normal to a very comfortable living room. It was quite normal and very much like anyone’s home. She looked and said that this here was truly the heart of her home, the part that made her feel real. She smiled pulling me along to another floor and said here her elves played. Again, I looked to her confused and oddly. This floor was perfect, there were plants everywhere and it was beautiful and shining. I saw the stairs to the next level split into two directions. I started up them and she shook her head saying invitation of her renters only. I looked up one side of the stairs and saw beautiful plants lining the hall and very bright sunshiny lights. Up the other was more organized, weapons as a collectible and more natural wood toned walls. She laughed and said one more area! She pointed outside to a very well set up very large playground. She said the outside where she sent the big brats. I laughed looking then heard my cell beeping as a text notification. She looked at me and said it was time to go that I was being called back and thanked me for visiting. I looked to the cell and was in my own bed, awake and replying to a very real text. I was given the Nine Worlds in layman’s terms and how someone that may not understand the faith could possibly understand them.


My rune today was tiwaz.