Gebo is the rune of giving, reciprocation, honor, sacrifice. It represents the balance and equilibrium created in the giving and receiving of gifts. There are many forms of gifts that can be given or received. In some lore gebo represents musical or artistic ability, so a gift of art is perfectly acceptable. In others, it states to not be afraid of stating your love and showing it through gifts. Love itself is a gift, and in giving and receiving, the balance and partnership is strengthened. Likewise, other forms of gifts in a loving relationship should also be balanced. It shouldn’t be overlooked to also keep the balance with the divine as their gifts are no less important, albeit often unseen.


Gebo is also a rune of forgiveness. Forgiveness is among one of the greatest gifts to give and receive. It’s a gift this girl cherishes more than many, save the love of her Master. There’s no definitive on what has to be given, just that it must be given carefully and with thought. The old saying of “it’s the thought that counts” is clearly evident in the rune’s meaning. Each rune carries a significance. This one is one of understanding the truth behind sacrifice, that it’s not simply just death as a sacrifice, it’s also giving up something to attain something else. Sacrifice isn’t morbid, it’s beautiful and a gift. It’s what Odin did at Yggdrasil to gain the runes and to forget his sacrifice is an ultimate dishonor to any Norse pagan Heathen. It’s his sacrifice filtering down to all others to teach us that he offered up greatly so we could prosper. In the end, we need to share that among one another to also grow and prosper in our own relationships, not personal and as a community but also with the divine.


While it’s often overlooked, a couple modern uses are often placed on many items. X-mas instead of Christmas can be seen as gift giving, the use of gebo. But most used and possibly least known is when a letter is signed with x’s and o’s (XOXO). Sources I found noted that the X for a kiss is representative of gebo, I believe that the O for the hug is representative of ingwaz. Together the gift and unity work together. One without the other is almost lacking. Gebo strengthens ingwaz and ingwaz nurtures gebo. It’s cyclical and they’re a strong unit. Alone they’re strong, but together they’re like iron. I think I want to start signing my letters with x’s and o’s again now that I understand it more.

After considerable thought, I’ve decided to share something that I’ve been doing. I’ve been on a very deep weight loss journey as well as becoming much healthier for many reasons. It was once suggested that I share a prayer I do that borders on a spell. As such, I recommend that it not be used unless you truly understand the deity it’s offered to as well as magickal workings. First off, this prayer/spell is offered to Nerthus, the great Earth mother. She’s often regarded as one of the most difficult to approach because of her history of sacrifices and being both benevolent and harsh. Secondly, it also goes into an offering of physical. Both points are extremely important to be careful when doing as I have been. So long as the words are sincere and very directed and specific, it may help someone else out there.  A small disclaimer since I know how desperate weight loss can be, this is by no means a substitute to healthy lifestyle choices, nor is it a promise of anything significant. This is a means to an end using spirituality for support. Below I’ve written my daily prayer/spell. I normally will do it in the shower. If it’s done during a physical task, I omit the part regarding water.


Hail Nerthus! Great Mother Earth!

Goddess most fierce and kind, horrid and beautiful, feared and revered!

I offer back to you the energy I have hoardrd in the form of fat.

I offer to you from my face, my arms, my abdomen, my stomach, my back, my hips, my thighs, my calves.

I offer all that which is excess that I do not need for my daily life.

I thank you, Great Mother, for the offerings of energy and I beg forgiveness for storing it when others needed.

I offer this back in hopes that you will use it to heal yourself and those in need.

With this water, I return to you this energy! (At this point I run my hands over the body parts previously mentioned, guiding the focus.)

Blessings, oh Great Goddess!

There comes a time that each person has to face their fate or “meant to be”. While future isn’t written, I believe fates or destinies are. What we can change is all that happens up until that point. How does one handle that moment of realization? I guess it depends on the person and what they finally see as their fate. I choose to walk my path as best as I can until I reach that day, the day that I can’t change no matter how I fight. It’s mine to walk, be it alone or with someone at my side. If I’m meant to walk it alone, I’ll walk it as well as I can. If I’m meant to walk it with someone at my side, I’ll happily welcome the company. I know people will come and go on that journey. That some days I’ll have a travelling companion and others I’ll walk completely in the dark and alone, but I know it’s all a part of a greater plan. I’ve seen what’s waiting ahead for me. I’ve seen so many other’s fates at times, both good and bad. It’s a burden my gift carries to not share this with others and use it as I see morally fit to use it. In seeing all this and knowing this, it makes thee path hard to walk. I know I’ll learn more that I wish not to know. I know I’ll learn more that will make me cry tears of joy. My mind has accepted this fate that’s written for me. Now I need to convince my heart to accept it as well. It’s not budging. I now also understand the complexities of inner turmoil. It’s that which the mind accepts and the heart fails to accept. My heart has so rarely won, so I’m sure in time this journey will continue to where it’s meant to change paths. I want to thank everyone that has been a part of my journey so far. I don’t think I could be where I am without you all. I hope that some will continue on with me as things are moving along again. I’ll be spreading my wings again soon and finding my feet on the clouds on more journeys that I’m meant to work in this lifetime. Blessings.

Most of you that read this aren’t involved in this first part being more a rant, this I admit.

NO, I won’t keep poisoning my body with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

NO, I don’t need a ton of refined sugar.

NO, I don’t want processed and bleached white flour.

NO, I don’t need all those preservatives.

NO, I don’t want to intake absurd amounts of caffeine to be productive.

NO, I don’t wan to consume more animal protein than my own body is made up of.

NO, I don’t appreciate being told what’s best for my body when you don’t know my body.

NO, I’m not being rude, I’m just standing up for me.
I’ve found recently the word “NO” has become a very critical word in my vocabulary. Within this past year I’ve turned to a more holistic diet for many reasons. A very critical reason has been my physical health. I’ve found that the “blessings” of modern conveniences have been slowly poisoning and destroying my body. That leads to the second critical reason I’ve changed my diet, my spiritual health. The spirit can’t be healthy in a poisoned and toxic body. So now I’m finding that in the modern world of convenience cooking, I’m having to fight for a natural human diet. I mean didn’t our bodies evolve to process the foods we need? So why is it that we need to pre-process all our food before our bodies get a chance to? Each day I’m finding more and more wrong with our world that I’m in a minority seeing. It costs us more to have our food NOT processed and going through the twenty extra steps that it takes for a highly processed meal to. I don’t understand why something that takes less effort to produce costs more than something that takes a lot more energy to create. So this begs the question, is the corporate end of our world promoting unhealthy life to push drugs and such on an obese and unhealthy world? Those of us standing up and going back to letting our bodies function are having to pay for our decision through the pocket, but I think I would rather pay that way than with my health.

That leaves me questioning the general “humanity” of this business practice. Isn’t it counter productive to be slowly poisoning the world with food products that can potentially be extremely toxic such as sugar substitutes? I’ve been looking at  a lot of  “side effects” attributed to many so called healthier options. They seem to be more detrimental than positive. Among other things, I believe these items are causing not only migraines, depression, and obesity but also one of the most widespread diseases diagnosed today; cancer. While this is my belief, there’s a higher part of me screaming that it is. That part of me hadn’t been heard since I had done so well being a lemming and following how wonderful a TV dinner was or chicken nuggets and french fries from the oven. I’ve come to a point that I now believe that if I can’t identify actual foods from just looking at a meal, it’s not going in my mouth. This practice not only harms the spiritual of those consuming, but also those that made the decision to promote those choices as “healthy”. Each time someone consumes something that isn’t as healthy as it’s been made to, that goes onto the one or ones that chose to tell the public that it was. Try to think on how natural an item is to determine it’s healthiness. The more pure the item is and less refined, it’s that much better.

Just today, I had a slight argument with a friend about what to do in the hot weather. He insisted on ice cream. We’ve all be taught that’s the perfect thing to weather heat. Social grooming to an unhealthy existence. So I did what any good healthy person would do and kindly refused pointing out that i didn’t need the excess sugars and corn syrup. He slightly agreed and said soy ice cream. As you can imagine, I stared. That reply was far from educated as this man is. He’s very intelligent, but the culture has him believing that things like that are healthy. I politely countered again that I would prefer fresh chilled pineapple and strawberries. It’s this type of fight more people need to put up. I hope I opened his eyes up in that argument that the reason he may be stuck in his weight endeavors are due to simple choices as well. One can hope right? Regardless, I stood up for my body, my health, my well being both physical and spiritual.

Perhaps one day, before it’s too late, this world will stop and see that modern “conveniences” aren’t worth the damage they’re doing not only to the world with the waste, but also to each individual that consumes them. I hope for the health and well being of everyone, each one of you that reads this as well as all those you love.

After great advice from several people, the dream has been broken. Sleep returns to this weary girl as well as a determination to never let the meaning actually take hold. So what happens now? I act. The dream was that powerful and it was intended to teach me. In the past, I would’ve ignored it and brushed it off as a nightmare. Not this time. I’m going to do everything in my power to not see that future. I’m starting stronger today even though I’ve been taking small steps each day since the dream broke.

Too many times we do forget that dreams can be a lesson from our subconscious or higher self. I think that’s been a very dangerous situation and very stressful for many. While interpretation sites are everywhere, sometimes we have to look at it closer as well as seek the knowledge of those greater than us or with the teachings of other paths and most importantly, be open. Everything that we’re shown may not have meaning, but the relevant points that strike home do. If you’re experiencing a recurring dream or nightmare, I highly encourage you to have a notebook next to your bed and jot down all the key facts and look to what they mean. Someone is trying to tell you something. You should listen!

Thank you to all those that helped break my nightmare’s code and help me through mine!

So I decided this time I would post something that’s been the bain of my sleep and my waking nightmares. I don’t understand them and if anyone has any ideas for me, I very much welcome them. I’ve been plagued by images that are downright horrifying. Let me start with this, I do not watch television or movies. My exposure to the horror genre is very limited and it’s been months since I’ve seen or read anything that could affect me like this. So here’s the basic dream schema. I’m travelling, either by car or walking. I always come to  a bridge that snaps when I’m  half way across. I start in a country setting, like my home, but as soon as the metal grinds and tears, it’s a big city and the bridge is extremely high up. I watch people fall to their deaths screaming and crying for help before the splash to the water or worse sounds. I can smell the blood heavy in the air as well as the gasoline in the air. Just as I get sick, I’m in a bit of  a bad spot of town suddenly. I’m told that there’s a restless spirit that’s been killing people and hurting everyone. So I go to find where. This spirit in every instance takes the form of a genderless infant. As I try to get it to talk and tell me why it won’t go, it gets violent. Myself and someone I’ve never met (It’s always this blond haired woman.) pin the “child” down and start to cast spells and runes over it. It becomes more violent up until some women come by horrified thinking we’re abusing a child. It portrays an innocent while taunting in our heads to the point that we start to forcefully exorcise it. The women scream that we’re monsters and the spirit continues to taunt. In the end, myself or the other woman ends up pulling the spirit’s physical form to pieces. Every time I wake up sick and my head reeling. I can barely sleep now. I don’t want to sleep. I can’t bear to see that grotesque face again or hear those sounds. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I do ward myself and my room every day and night as well as offer to deities.

Some days it’s hard to say how you feel. Other’s it’s hard to keep that to yourself. Then there are those that slam you with a complete loss where you want to just hide while screaming. It’s where meditation helps, but doesn’t. How does one cope with a time and situation like that? It’s a hard place when you really don’t know what to do because you don’t know how to even start. Is it an issue, a problem, a dilemma… or is it simply another trial in life? I think everything’s a trial but some are more baffling and awful than others. Some Daddies need to back off and mind their Ps and Qs when told to. Some people need to learn courtesy and be mindful of others and how they feel. Each day, something new comes to light and I see where the issues are in this world. People are forgetting that there are other people in this world. There’s so much self-centered, egotistical nature in this world that it’s hard to be happy as yourself. You’re always on guard for those that might take advantage of a situation. It’s those that need to be mindful of those around them. I’m happiest when I can be me and those I love are happy. So, I guess in the end I have to mind that I AM happy with those I love in my life and the rest are just background noise. To those I love, I love you all.

I know I haven’t been posting much here, but a lot of my journeys have been very private. I do, however, wish to write something today. It may not be much, but it’s a thank you. I thank everyone that’s ever made a difference in my life, good or bad.  Every experience shapes and every experience teaches. My life has been so full of people that I forget to thank and I know many won’t ever read this, but the words do carry power. I think too often in our lives, we let people come and go and never let them know they’ve touched us in some way. This is something I truly need to work on and do more often. So, this post is dedicated to all those I’ve ever loved, all those I do love, all those that I call sister or dearest friend, and even all those that in the end I found are bad people for me. Each one of you have enriched my life in some way, be it a beautiful memory or experience or something that I would rather soon forget. I’m blessed to have more beautiful experiences lately and I very much thank those that have given those to me. Jag Elsker Deg!

As time has been progressing, I’ve learned more about my higher self. Not only was I what would be called a Valkyrie, but I was also a seidhkona. Growing up all the abilities and gifts I had seemed odd, but they were comfortable and I felt at home with them. So now, I find it’s time to start talking to myself, for lack of a better phrase, and come back to what I am and how I can use what I know in more practical means and methods. Seeing that I’ve been a bit of a pack rat in this life, it was suggested that I start to purge the old items that I no longer need and cleanse not only the things I keep, but also those I dispose of. The energies can stick like glue and when not properly dispersed or cleansed, they can continue to be bothersome at a minimum and hazardous at the far end of the scale. Things such as divorce can put a negative energy on the wedding band worn and even the wedding gown from the ceremony. Depression can leave a lasting impact on things you relied on for security blankets. So purifying these energies is crucial before that is passed on to another inadvertently. I’ve been urged to share the knowledge that my higher self reminded me of and brought back to my memory as it is a useful tool. I offer this disclaimer: what I’m about to share is the practices of a seidhkona from a very long time ago, but I can’t provide direct links and validation as much of the Seidh practices have been lost. The practices that follow were recounted to me by my higher self and brought back to my active memory through trance work. Many aspects will be familiar as they are used in modern practices elsewhere.

The first thing that one should consider is if the item is something that they want to retain and use again or simply keep for display. If it’s not, then the easiest way to cleanse the negative energy is through flame. The fire burns away all the negative letting the energies released be pure and free of the item. However, as this is destructive to the item potentially, there are other methods if the item is of value and you wish to keep it. If it is something you want to keep, a very simple method is using salted water, either cold or heated, and pouring it over in an act of cleansing. While the water moves over the item or items, you should offer the energies back to Nerthus with high reverence of who and what she is. Let her know that you are sending it purified with the salt of the land and the water of the sea, like the joining that created the bright twins. While she is a fearsome and harsh deity, she does love her children and takes great joy in their honoring and existence. She’s not a particularly stable deity to offer to, so offer to her with care and choose another method if you don’t think you can properly honor her. You could also use ritual fire that you pass the item over or through if the item can’t be burned. The number of passes should be three times from East to West (As the sun rises and falls.) while asking that Freyja cleanse with the greatest of fires that burns bright at all times, she who walked thrice through the fires to rise again anew and clean. Freyja herself is a witch, the highest of all witches and her ability to cleanse with fire is extremely powerful. If you don’t believe that it was Freyja or an incarnation of her that was burned in the fires, then I would suggest one of the other methods. Yet another means to cleanse is using a combination of fire and smokes that you feel comfortable with, like the use of sage for smudging. If the item can’t be passed through the flames; then light the flame, pronounce it Gullveig’s fires, light the herb meant for burning, and then say that the smoke is the flame passing over the items and cleansing them as it covers the items.

Water and fire tend to be the most logical to my higher self to use in the modern world since both are readily available. However, some of the more ancient ones won’t work in this era. A very effective, but very unacceptable practice in modern times are ones related to using the blood of a sacrificial animal to cleanse. In sacrificing an animal to the right deity, the animal itself becomes slightly more revered, therefore the blood of the animal would also hold powers of purification. This method was one that was practiced to great success in the era that it was acceptable. I would strongly discourage this method and note that it is simply for reference as a past means of ritual purification. Not only is it impractical to use in this time, it’s also highly controversial and considered to be very inhumane. Although I’m aware that my higher self had used this practice in rituals during the time I’ve been shown, I will not use that practice myself as it is not something suited for the times. Being that I am a servant to Freyja, everything that my higher self knows is to honor a Vanir goddess that has been known to go through a purification and rebirth. If you follow another path, any goddess well known for her process of purification and rebirth would be suitable to honor, so long as you adjust any words spoken (For example the passage about Gullveig’s fire or being burnt three times.) so that it accurately reflects the goddess that is referred to. After the items are purified of the negative energies, it would be safe to dispose of, give away, or continue to use.

As I’m retaught some of these rites I’ll share them here. As with any magick, please use caution when attempting them. It’s always best to cast some circle of protection whether a rune ring, disir ring, hammer hallowing, or any other protective measure you might use. Don’t forget to thank whatever deity you offer back the energies to after they’ve been purified or dispersed. Also, be sure to ground after finishing. Even though it’s a purifying ritual, you do have to use a higher energy yourself. Those energies aren’t needed afterward and best to be returned to the earth.

For some very good grounding advice as well as an example of casting the rune ring, any of the rituals on Volmarr’s Liberal Heathenism contain both. He also provides a Lesser Hallowing Ritual of the Hammer that could prove beneficial as well as a guide on pronouncing the runes as that can be something not everyone knows as well.

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that none of what I’m about to say is backed by medical evidence, nor do I have any medical training save for many many accidents and sickness through my lifetime. That said, my thoughts are as follows.

I’ve been on a journey, for not long now, but it has been a very insightful and awakening one. Within this journey I’ve set out to lose weight and also become healthier in changing my lifestyle to be more natural and less carnivorous, yes I mean vegetarian. As a part of my practices every day, I do something of a small spell where I offer the excess energies that I’ve stored in my body back to Nerthus that she may reuse it how she sees fit and I apologize for hoarding it and storing it when I didn’t need it. Suffice to say I have been losing the weight at a wonderful pace and I don’t doubt that this small practice has a part in it. Today, as I was doing the more involved spell that I do, I started to think about the state of the world’s medical woes. A voice in my head, no doubt my higher self that is called Amarina, started to tell me to remember and think. What I thought of is how so many religions view what would be called “greed” as a sin or their comparable term, and how they view “charity” or again their comparable term to be a virtue. We’ve been taught to hoard, gather, and store so much that we’ve become a culture of greed. In storing so much, disease and illness has become near epidemic. Look at the obesity rate in the US, it’s insane. Likewise, cancers are spreading at an insane pace. The more I learn, the more I truly believe that this very egocentric world that we live in is the root cause of the sicknesses we face and fear.

We overeat simply because we can? Those that have the money store it and don’t normally contribute back to the community simply because they can and it’s theirs? We hoard, we’ve become a greedy world. A part of me has to wonder what would happen if all of that were changed. Adults CAN survive on much smaller portions, in fact, a “children’s” portion is close to what an adult female should be consuming. Think about it, the average fast food “value meal” is more a horrible choice. Most DO exceed 500 calories. That’s about 1/3 of what an adult female actually uses in a day through the activity level she expends. Men can go slightly higher, but the majority of adult males don’t expend enough energy to burn that much either. Even children’s meals can peak near 500 calories, or frighteningly exceed it. Where do the calories come from? A lot is fat. What happens to it? We store it. We store all that energy that is meant to be used and then recycled to be used again by the great mother. Instead we hoard it and leave her short on energy she can use to heal herself and energy she needs to pass on to those that truly need the energy to sustain life. So what can she do? She can find ways to try to recover that energy that has been stored and hoarded. Think about how much weight someone that’s been stricken with a severe illness loses. I’ve met people that have told me they easily lost 40 pounds within months of being diagnosed with illness. Nerthus was always a very enigmatic goddess. However, she was never considered to be motherly. She would have little care if how she gained back the energy was harmful or not, simply because she would see the hoarding of the energy as an attack on her. The society of greed that we live in has become a breeding ground for angered deities, spirits, and even ancestors. Their anger does and will manifest itself in very harmful ways because many have lost touch with them.

Although I know this little article won’t reach many, I felt it was important to share my thoughts. Maybe if we find charity and more healthy living the world will start to heal. There’s so much we can do in such tiny steps. Seriously, who needs a “small” ice cream cone that stands a good ten inches of the cone (Yes, I saw this at a local ice cream shop and the banana split contained a good half gallon of ice cream.)? I know I’m doing my part, and my reward has been slow, but steady. I’m becoming healthier, happier, have more energy, and am succeeding in my goal. Moderation and charity. My message for the day.